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Upcoming workshops:

August Workshop: Make sure you are legally covered - understanding Services Agreements for contractors and service providers

We will be delivering this workshop for free at the following co-working and educational spaces:

  • AcademyXi- Tue, 21 August, 12pm
  • Inspire9- Wed, 22 August, 12:30pm
  • OutcomeLife- Wed, 22 August, 6pm

Links to follow.


Simbisa Startup Workshops are day long workshops to equip you - entrepreneurs and business owners-  with the legal know-how and documents you need to build your business on a strong foundation. 

These workshops cost $880.00, and include template documents worth several thousand dollars. We equip you to know how to use the documents, saving you thousands in legal fees.

Our upcoming schedule for the rest of the year is as follows (links and more information to come soon): 

  • Wednesday 12th September, 10am-4pm: Make sure you are legally covered: drafting a Services Agreement
  • Wednesday 10th October, 10am-4pm: Using employee incentive plans to attract talent to your company
  • Wednesday 14th November, 10am-4pm:  Legal Issues for Independent Contractors, Freelancers, and Designers
  • Wednesday 12th December, 10am - 4pm: Protecting your Intellectual Property



Join us for our 'Power Hour' - a free, hour long monthly webinar on topics relevant for start-ups, small & medium businesses and investors.

Upcoming Power Hour: How to legally protect your business with Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy

Wed, Aug 8, 2018 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM AEST

How do you protect yourself when you run an app, online service, or online store, to make sure your customers pay you, that you comply with privacy laws, and that your intellectual property is protected? 

Here’s how: You want customers to agree to your terms and conditions when they use your website or engage your services. 

In our webinar we will provide an overview of: 

  • Who should have Terms and Conditions and why 
  • Key sections in your Terms and Conditions 
  • How Terms and Conditions protect you and your business 
  • How to make sure customers agree to Terms and Conditions 
  • When to have a Privacy Policy 
  • Whether you are covered by the GDPR 

Protect yourself now so you don’t find yourself in trouble later.

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