About Us

Simbisa means 'To Strengthen' and 'To Empower' in Shona, a local Zimbabwean language. We exist to strengthen and empower business owners with the legal knowledge and services you need to grow healthy and strong businesses.

Meet The TEAM

Rugare Gomo - Co-Founder and Legal Director

 Rugare has practiced in a top law firm in Melbourne and was the General Counsel of a high performing international business, responsible for the negotiation of cross-border multimillion-dollar contracts. Along Rugare's journey of being a lawyer and entrepreneur, he noticed that traditional law firms were not supporting entrepreneurs. This inspired him to launch Simbisa Law.

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Rugare is now the co-founder and legal director of Simbisa Law, a tech-driven commercial firm providing fixed-fee legal services to start-ups, SMEs and investors. In addition, Rugare is the Founder and a Director of the Gomo Foundation, an award-winning not-for- profit organisation which provides scholarships for young women in Africa to attend Secondary School and University.

Rugare is admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Victoria. He obtained degrees in Law and Arts (Honours) at Monash University.

In his spare time, you will often find him dancing to Beyonce.



Luke Galea - Co- Founder

Luke has a background as a business owner and founder. As Luke was setting up his businesses, he met with legal advisors who were not deeply interested in what he was up to but simply getting the work done and moving on.  He had the experience that despite paying for experts, they did not have his best business interests at heart. This inspired him to join Rugare in building Simbisa Law.


Our Difference

Simbisa Law exists so that entrepreneurs are empowered not only to create successful businesses but also businesses that make a difference and leave a legacy. 

We are a technology driven firm.  This means that we can provide the services you need from anywhere in the world and you will still have the experience of being personally taken care of.

You join our ecosystem – a network of our trusted partners that become your partners for your business.

We nurture you.  Our best interest lies ultimately with what you want from your business.

We give you certainty with your business costs: fixed fees through it all.

Our difference:  We want YOU to win.

A law firm that is all about you.

At Simbisa Law, your business is our business.


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